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Why Japanese Prefer Futons

The Pros and Cons of the Japanese Futon

Seventy-five percent of Americans report that they have sleep problems and there are many studies showing that futons are better for your back than normal matresses. Given these statistics one would wonder why Japanese futons were not more popular in the west. There are many reasons for this but with modernisation and gentrification the class structure typically gravates towards products that at first glance appear to be better and there are studies (air mattress vs futon) to prove it. Comparing organic tomatoes vs monsanto tomatoes, we all immediately know which we would prefer, but of course one is cheaper and with propaganda (clever marketing) they are made to appear to be better.

Traditional Japanese homes don’t have a lot of furniture and their people don’t sleep on a typical bed like we do. It’s part of their age old traditions. Read More...

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Why Japanese Prefer Futons

Why Japanese Prefer Futons


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