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Worktops Axiom

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Worktops Axiom Honed
Worktops Axiom Honed Every school day, it's a hands-on struggle to capture their attention for long enough to learn more. It certainly teaches you few new things to brush up on.

Homework is easier with Honed, a highly tactile finish that emulates the look and feel of brushed matt stone.
Worktops Axiom Scovato
Worktops Axiom Scovato Modern life is 24/7 especially for young families. When any time is play time, create the perfect environment for magic moments to happen.

Subtle highs and lows breathe new life into Scovato textures, creating a beautiful surface for any time of day.
Worktops Axiom Lustre
Worktops Axiom Lustre Mid morning coffee with friends, turning up unexpectedly before you've cleared away breakfast, makes for a good start to the day.

Bring an element of sparkle into your kitchen surfaces with Lustre. A unique texture, it truly captures the translucent effect of quartz particles found in natural stone.
Worktops Axiom Etchings
Worktops Axiom Etchings It's 'great' to be traditional these days. Looking to the past can create an authentic approach to the future and allow you to express your uniquely versatile tastes.

A subtle surface detail, highlighted by a soft polished sheen, gives an authentic granite look to the Etchings collection.
Worktops Axiom Crystal
Worktops Axiom Crystal If your attention to the smallest details extends beyond the right combination for an ideal blend, then we have the perfect fit for you.

Crystal is a highly sophisticated texture that offers a precise, delicate shimmer.
Worktops Axiom Gloss
Worktops Axiom Gloss Minimalist style, for more minimal budgets, can be achieved effortlessly. A touch of the finer things in life can transform your kitchen with that 'wow' effect.

High Gloss worktops offer a perfect luxury finish for stones, woods and plain colours.
Worktops Axiom Matte58
Worktops Axiom Matte58 In a connected world, new trends for working from home have emerged. Being your own boss means your 'office' can now have exactly the look that you like.

Partner up with designs inspired by natural materials. Matte 58 delivers a clean contemporary finish.
Worktops Axiom Puregrain
Worktops Axiom Puregrain Sharing a quick bite on the move can turn into a big night in. Authentic taste can be expressed in more than artisanal food choices.

Share your good taste with the four beautiful wood species of Puregrain. A realistic deep, woodgrain finish with 100% natural good looks.
Worktops Axiom Lumber
Worktops Axiom Lumber Each new generation learns to do things from wiser heads. They have a better way of sharing their knowledge that you remember for a lifetime.

A rustic and tactile linear wood grain texture mimicking the effect of light brushing, for a kitchen well done.
Worktops Axiom Woodland
Worktops Axiom Woodland The source of happy memories begin in the kitchen. A moment shared stays with you forever. Fortunately, the mess that's created won't.

A smooth, elegant low gloss finish to enhance beautiful wood designs bringing versatility to your kitchen.
Worktops Axiom Platinum Etchings
Worktops Axiom Platinum Etchings When you've got some downtime, catch up on all the very latest happenings and snippets of gossip. These are ideal moments in an ideal location to share your 'big news' with loved ones and friends.

Our new Platinum Etchings surfaces blend sophisticated sparkle with a textured gloss finish, to create a stylish ambience.
Worktops Axiom Satin NDF
Worktops Axiom Satin NDF Great nights begin in the perfect setting. All the best parties end up in the kitchen, so it's a great way to show friends just how stylish you are.

Satin NDF is a new grown up smooth, low gloss finish. Paired with beautiful marble designs to create dramatic effects in your kitchen.
Worktops Axiom Feature Splashbacks
Worktops Axiom Feature Splashbacks For when you want to truly make a space your own. Feature splashbacks pick up on contemporary trends for complete personalisation. Make it 'just you' with a pop of colour or use more experimental textures like Plex or Soft Matt to create a totally unique feel.
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